Bend Surgery Center Teams Up

Bend Surgery Center Teams Up

The impact COVID-19 made on the medical field is immeasurable. New protocols, tactics, and an overwhelming number of procedures needed to be made up caused a long list of surgical backlogs. In the last two years, any non-acute surgeries were rescheduled or canceled due to a short supply of operating room availability and surgical recovery beds. Independent community providers began working with Bend Surgery Center and its Board of Directors to come up with an innovative solution for the capacity issues.

Recently, Bend Surgery Center, Bend Transitional Care, and Summit Health agreed to a community-driven partnership to expand short-term surgical recovery bed capacity. This agreement allows Bend Surgery Center to focus on the expansion of the surgical complexity of its program while Summit Health is expanding its already skilled nursing team from Bend Transitional Care to service patients in short-term surgical beds.

“This partnership creates the dependable and predictable bed capacity for Central Oregonians in the rare event that surgical patients need a day or two of recovery time post-procedure,” said Todd Currier, Administrator, of Bend Surgery Center. “As we work with Bend Transitional Care and Summit Health, the surgery center will have the opportunity to meet the medical needs of our patients through the expansion of some traditional complex surgical services offered in an ambulatory setting.”

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