What to Expect

Everything about Bend Surgery center is designed around maximizing a patient's level of care. It's our goal to deliver a personalized experience that results in the best outcome possible, in an environment that is both comfortable and convenient. To make sure you feel prepared for your procedure, we've organized the following information. Should you have any questions along the way, please reach out. Our team of compassionate physicians and staff are always available to answer questions.

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When you first learn about your procedure, our staff will explain the recovery plan, so you know exactly what to expect in the days and weeks following your surgery. Your insurance company will be notified to verify coverage and coordinate payments. To keep paperwork to a minimum on the day of your procedure, we ask that you complete the pre-operative forms during scheduling. You will also receive a copy of printed pre-operative instructions. A day prior to your surgery, a nurse will contact you to review your health history, your current healthy status and answer any last-minutes questions you may have. 

  • Arrange in advance for a responsible adult to pick you up at Bend Surgery Center. You cannot drive yourself or be left alone. You may take a taxi if you have your responsible adult with you.
  • Notify your physician before coming to the center if there is any change in your physical condition, such as cold or fever.
  • If you have not been contacted 48 hours before surgery, please call Bend Surgery Center for specific instructions.
  • If you wear contact lenses or glasses, bring a case for their safekeeping. We provide containers for removable dentures and bridgework.
  • Adults may have no solid food after midnight the day before surgery. You may drink *clear liquids up to 4 hours prior to surgery.
  • Infants may have formula up to 6 hours before to surgery, breast milk up to 4 hours before surgery and clear liquids up to 3 hours before surgery.
  • Children may not have any food after midnight the day before surgery. They may have *clear liquids only up to 3 hours before their procedure. Clear liquids include Jell-O without fruit, and any liquid you can see through.

If you have received specific instructions from your Doctor follow those instructions. Please call if you have questions.

*Clear liquids include: Black coffee or tea (no cream or sugar), jello, Gatorade, soda, water, and clear juice. No milk, juice with pulp, or milk products.

  • Please bring any form of payment required at time of service.
  • Please bathe or shower prior to your surgery. Remove all makeup and leave at least one nail free from polish. Do not use lotions or oils or hair spray after bathing. Do not shave the operative site.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing such as sweat suits and easy to button shirts or blouses that are big enough to accommodate a large bandage after surgery. Wear comfortable shoes; no high heels, please.
  • Leave all valuables, including jewelry and cash, at home. We cannot be responsible for damaged or lost property. If you have a child that is a patient, he/she may bring a favorite toy or blanket.
  • Be prepared to sign a form giving your consent for the operation. If the patient is under 15, a parent or legal guardian must accompany the patient and sign the consent form. We encourage a parent or guardian to accompany patients under the age of 18.
  • Bring all insurance cards and a photo ID with you to the center. Also bring any paper work and x-rays that your physician has given you.
  • Please arrive one hour before your scheduled procedure unless instructed otherwise.
  • A nurse will provide you with a patient gown, non-skid socks and a bag to store your clothing in.
  • Smoking reduces your body’s ability to heal and can contribute to infection. Please limit or abstain from smoking the morning of surgery.
  • Uncontrolled blood sugar can contribute to infection. Speak with your physician if you do not have good control of your blood sugar.
  • Arrange in advance for a responsible adult to pick you up at Bend Surgery Center and drive you home. You cannot drive yourself or be left alone. You may take a taxi if you have your responsible adult with you.
  • Before you leave Bend Surgery Center you will be given written instructions for your care at home.
  • After you have returned home, be sure to follow you doctor’s orders regarding diet, rest, medication and activity. It is not unusual to feel a little sleepy, lightheaded or dizzy for several hours after your surgery. Do not sign any important papers or make any significant decisions for at least 24 hours. Do not drive after your procedure.
  • If you have any questions or problems after surgery, please contact your physician.

Patient Info

As you prepare for your procedure we realize you may have questions. Below are some links to helpful resources. We encourage you to read through the online material and if you still have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to your provider or the Bend Surgery center staff. It's extremely important to us that you have a positive experience.