March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

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March is recognized globally as Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, a crucial time to spotlight the second most deadly form of cancer affecting both men and women worldwide. At Bend Surgery Center, we are committed to participating in this vital awareness effort, emphasizing the importance of early detection and prevention.

Colorectal cancer, which begins in the colon or rectum, can be effectively treated when detected early. Despite its high incidence, many individuals delay or avoid screening due to fear, lack of information, or misconceptions about the disease.

Understanding Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer arises from precancerous polyps that form in the colon or rectum. With routine screening, these polyps can be detected and removed before they develop into cancer. Symptoms may include changes in bowel habits, blood in stool, abdominal pain, and unexplained weight loss. However, early-stage colorectal cancer often presents no symptoms, which underscores the critical role of regular screenings.

The Power of Prevention and Early Detection

Screening is the most powerful weapon against colorectal cancer. It is recommended that individuals at average risk begin screening at age 45. Those with a family history or other risk factors may need to start earlier and screen more frequently.

At Bend Surgery Center, we offer several screening options, including colonoscopies, which remain the gold standard for colorectal cancer detection. Our skilled healthcare professionals are dedicated to providing a safe, comfortable environment for all screening procedures, ensuring the highest standards of care.

Join Us in Raising Awareness

This March, we stand united in the fight against colorectal cancer. By spreading awareness, encouraging loved ones to get screened, and supporting research and advocacy efforts, we can make a significant impact. Together, we can save lives through prevention, early detection, and advanced treatment options available at Bend Surgery Center.

For more information on colorectal cancer and screening options, visit the Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month page.

Let's make this March a turning point in the battle against colorectal cancer. Early detection saves lives, and it starts with awareness.